UBC Environmental Physiology Laboratory


The Environmental Physiology Laboratory is a new research facility at the University of British Columbia, affiliated with the School of Kinesiology, and the Division of Sports Medicine, in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia.

Our mandate is research, education and clinical service in the areas of environmental, physiology, exercise physiology, sports medicine and altitude medicine.

Current areas of research include:

    -the physiology and genetics of Altitude Illness

    -the interaction between exercise and environmental pollution

    -the effect of altered environments (hypoxia, hyperbaria, hyperthermia) on the cardiorespiratory system

    -prevention and treatment of other illnesses and injuries associated with exercise

    -anti-doping research incorporating exercise physiology, therapeutics and pharmacogenomics

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The laboratory is NOW located in room 118 of the Medical Block C Building on the University of British Columbia Campus, in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.



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Michael Koehle@EnvPhysioLab